Blue Bird Baskets

Tuesday, March 19, 2013
 Pete Moss Pots are a new addition to my life.  I discovered these last year....8 for 50 cents?  I do believe this is a product instruction I can get behind.  I shared some bluebird trail mix I put together yesterday
....and now....a basket for these babies and their eggs. 
Such a simple project...pots, a little paint, glue, glitter, and pipe clear. 
 I dabbed circles on the pot, ran some glue along the rim and glittered it up before it dried.  I punched a hole in each side and weaved a pipe cleaner through the holes in order to create a handle. 
One tag, and a few hungry guest later.....ready-to-go desserts. 

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Terra Heck said...

Those are super cute and festive for Easter!