Monday, March 11, 2013

Cadberry Egg Cupcakes

 I'm slightly obsessed with Cadberry Eggs.  When others are complaining about seeing these before Valentine's Supplies have completely covered the shelves at the store....I'm doing a happy dance when I see these little guys piled up at the end of grocery store aisles.  I discovered a few years ago that they sell these cream filled chocolates in a bar form called Twirls in England.  I've submitted my visa to move there based on this condition alone.  I'm still waiting to hear from England.  Surely, the availibility of candy is a sufficient reason to be granted residency!  Anyway, I saw the idea for making candberry cupcakes via mybakingaddiction last year.  I didn't follow the same recipe, but I utilized the decorating design.  I actually went lazier.  I used a box of chocolate cake mix, prepared it as directed.  I did place a mini cadberry egg in the middle of the liquid chocolate before baking so there is a surprise inside the cupcakes.  For the icing I just used a can, and then dyed a portion yellow, and mounded the icing on top like egg yolk, and then popped a mini cadberry egg on the very top.  Easy, and just another excuse to buy a few more dozen cadberry eggs. 


Kerri said...

I'm not a big fan of the cadbury eggs....but I can eat the you know what out of those other little coated chocolate eggs. Your cupcakes are super cute!!