Chocolate (Plastic) Easter Eggs

Friday, March 22, 2013
 This year I'm doing a chocolate themed Easter basket.  I'm saw this idea at Sew Many Ways and knew it was the perfect addition.  Not only does it make some pretty cute eggs, it's super easy. I grabbed some brown spray and some eggs from previous years...
One coat and they were ready.   I did this well in advance so the smell can wander away to where ever smells go and I can fill them with candy, but if you are doing a last minute spray-just fill them with money...then send them my way.  ;o)  
 I wasn't sure if the spray would adhere without a plastic primer, but it doesn't seem to be a problem....and now that I figured out you can spray paint eggs (thought I already explored the world of chalkboard paint last year).  I'm pretty sure my life...or at least my Easter basket will never be the same.

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Erin said...

Okay, I love those. Way cooler than all the pastel colors. Thanks for this one!