Thursday, April 11, 2013

Family Recipe Book

 Check out this cool gift I got for Christmas.  My friend Kelly's Mom typed up her recipes she collected and served over the years and gave these out as Christmas gifts.  I got one too.  Yay!  I super love family recipes. I  treasure the ones I have, and have shared many, so I can't wait to go through Kelly's family recipes.  You know they are good because they've been passed down from year to year, and served over and over.  I get so caught up in trying the 'good looking' recipes on the net, and so often I'm disappointed, the best part about them was the picture, but I know these are tried and true, and I can't wait to dig family doesn't have quite a collection yet, but maybe someday. But wouldn't this be a great Mother's Day gift.....OR if you a collection worth is the time to get started for next Christmas....and include me in that printing!
Her Mom typed up her story behind her cooking experiences to include in the book...
 ...and the photo on the cover and inside was based off of her recipe box she's used through the years. 

The recipes were organized the same way they are organized in her box, and she included stories at the beginning of some of the recipes-where they came from, when she served them, small tips for cooking the recipes etc.  She printed off the pages and then took the covers to Kinkos and had them laminated and bound. 
I heart it.