Margarita Cake Balls

Friday, April 19, 2013
I made these recently for a friend of mine's birthday who likes A)  Mexican Food and B)  Lemon 'Stuff.'  These would be cute for a Fiesta Themed party.   I made a key lime/lemon cookie/cake ball that turned out to be really delicious (said the girl who doesn't like lemon-which is how I know it's tasty).  
I bought some lemon flavored cookies (you can buy the kind with the cream in the the middle, this pretty much works the same as oreo truffles).  I crushed up 1 cup of the cookies using a blender (doesn't have to be totally sandy, but pretty small chunks), and then I mixed in half a thing of softened cream cheese and about 1/4 t. lime flavoring.  

I mixed it all together...

Then I rolled it into balls (this made 10 balls, so use the whole bar of cream cheese would have made 20). I put these balls into the fridge to harden a bit (so it would be easy to roll in melted chocolate, I left it over night, but an hour or so would have done the trick).    
 I rolled these in melted white chocolate and added some 'festive' would have been cut to stick with the green theme as well.  One trick....I roll these in chocolate with a fork, tap the fork on the side of the dish, add the sprinkles (these harden quickly when the melted chocolate hits the cold ball), and then I scoot it off the fork with the side of a knife.
I added these to a little margarita glass I bought at the dollar store.  
 I printed a little tag....
 ....ate all the cake balls that wouldn't fit (oops) and delivered the rest.  :O)

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