Friday, May 03, 2013

Pinata Gift Card Holder

I recently made this baby pinata to hold a gift card to a Mexican food restaurant that I bought as a gift and wanted a clever way to present it.  You could do this for a dinner parties etc.  I saw a tutorial like this at HappyDay and at first I thought-no way, too much work.  I went on a hunt of baby pinatas...I could find them in bulk online, but not in stores, so I decided to give it a go....these were MUCH easier than they look and made a really fun way to present a treat!
I created a little outline in the shape of the traditional donkey pinata.
Here is the link to the donkey outline (free to a good home).  You could use this same strategy for any shape/design.  This is what I chose.  I cut it out of tagboard (you could also do this on any recycled box-cereal etc as the original tutorial suggest to be 'earth friendly).  I cut out two shapes, and then a thin strip of posterboard to connect the two.
I tapped the poster board strip along the edge of the outline on one side. 

I made mine just large enough to hold the gift card to the Mexican Restaurant.  You could fill it with little candies or confetti just to make it fun.
Once I had the git card in place I attached the top outline to the rim with more tape.  I also added a string to 'hang it' that I would cover with decorations later. 
Then I cut little strips of tissue paper, folded it in half and fringed the edges...

...and attached it with a line of glue.