Picnic Plates To Go

Monday, June 24, 2013
 I'm putting together a few ideas I'll share shortly on picnic ideas.  I know one annoying little thing is when you have to bring all the utensils/plates/napkins blah blah blah.  At some point-I'll be chasing that stack of napkins across other people's blankets....
I saw the idea for attaching all the utensils to plates and thought....duh!  I adapted the original idea just a tad, but how easy...grab your utensils and some napkins and a hole punch...
 I found some cute straws, but a glow stick, or a little patriotic flag would be cute for each person as well. I rolled them all in the napkins and then punched a hole on the side of a plate.
I strung some ribbon through the hole and tied the utensil 'pack' to the side, and now I just have to pack a plate for each person and pass them out before we dig into the food.  My napkin will be the only thing I have to chase this go round.  

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