Faux Enameled Numbers

Friday, July 19, 2013
 I've always loved french enameled house numbers.  I love everything about them...except for the price.  I saw a tutorial awhile ago to make these little tags via cantstopmakingthings and I had to give it a go...
You need just a few supplies...first off those little metal rings.  You can find them at hardware stores, online, or I even found some near the jewelry making gear at the craft store.  I got 20 for 3.99...then used my 40 percent off coupon.  Grab those and some sand paper.
 You want to rub them down b/c you are going to spray them, and without those rough ridges the paint won't want to stick around.  The tag on the left I scraped with my sandpaper.
 I gave them a quick coat of white spray paint (a buck from the supercenter).
 Next up, I grabbed some number stamps and a black ink pad and stamped my numbers.
 Last supplies on the list is clear embossing powder (near stamps at the scrapbook store).
 I put a cookie sheet with a piece of foil in the oven and heated it up to 350.  As soon as it beeped I threw my numbers on the tray (no more than 6 at a time).  Just leave them in the for about 40 seconds, if you leave it in too long the paint will start bubbling.  You just want it to get hot.
 Pull them out of the oven and slide them off on a tray (with a spatula) and put them on paper.  Quickly cover them with these with your powder.  Once they are cool enough, tap all the excess back into the container.
 Place these tags back onto the tray (it will look like they have a coat of sand on them).
 Throw these in the oven for about a minute.  You just want them to be in the oven long enough to 'melt' the powder, it will then create a clear glaze.
 Let these cool, add string and decorate jars/cards/dog houses.  Whatever.

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