Heart Map Ornament

Monday, August 05, 2013
 When I first saw this idea floating around online, I just assumed it was a craft from a blog.  I went to the site...and I saw it was for sale.  For 32 dollars.  Uhh.  What?  I made this for 25 cents, but....you choose.
I bought these little wooden hearts-it was a 4 pack for less than 2 dollars, and i used a 40 percent off coupon....and then....you know all those little brochures you have at the end of a vacation with maps and info?
 I used a piece of a map from my trip to Brazil, and I traced and cut out the heart.
 I used a gluestick to stick it down.
 You could add the year and date on the back, maybe have each family member put their name on it and the year, or add another photo from the trip...
I drilled a little hole at the top, and wa-la, a little ornament to remember my trip, and a way of putting those keepsakes to use without collecting more stacks of paper.  You could run an ink pad along the edge if you wanted it to look aged a bit, or paint the side of the ornament.

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