Sea Shell Print Napkins

Tuesday, August 13, 2013
 Another little sea shell craft.  I love collecting shells, but there is only so much room to store them,'s another project....I made napkins out of a few shells I've collected to make a table setting.  I took some cloth and just sewed the edges down, though you could buy some cheap linens at the super center...
I found the color I wanted my shells to be and added a little paint called textile paint.  You add it 1 part to 2 parts paint.  Mix it together, use it, and when it dries, run an iron over it to make it 'set' and at this point the paint is washable.
 I painted the shell I wanted to use, enough on the lines I wanted to push down, but not so much that it filled the grooves or it would be really blobby.  I practiced a few times on other scrap fabric.
 ...then pressed it to the corner of a napkin.
This would be a cute way to make stationary too.

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