Watermelon Sign

Thursday, August 01, 2013
This year I've been working on my 'paintings' projects.  I've wanted to improve my technique for awhile, and I have a friend that does this big time as a hobby, so it was time.  I've been working on Christmas projects, but here is a little summer project I did at the beginning of the season....I still am not comfortable enough to tackle paint/printing....yuck!  
 After cutting out the shape of a water melon slice I painted the center with the color magenta.  I love red water melons, but I adore these hot pink little gals.
After that dried I went around the edges with a holiday green...you don't have to be perfect.  Once THAT dried I took a brush and randomly brushed on the color spring green (a little lighter)....again...it didn't have to be perfect b/c several more layers were on their way!
 I then ran a white line between the green and the pink.  I had some extra white paint and I flicked it on the water melon by using my fingernail and running it along the edge of the brush.  Sometimes I toss it back into my bottle....I did this again later, but there wasn't enough to scoop up too much and I loved the way 'flicked' paint helps finish stuff off.
 I used my circle dabber to put on some 'seeds'...
 I added white lines to the edges and then a squiggly white line around the edge....just so nobody actually things I was trying to paint a straight line...-shudder-perfection will never be a part of my world....
 I went back with black and went along the edge and then again along the white line to reinforce my goal of imperfection.  Mission accomplished.  I flicked more white paint because it's therapeutic.  I did it in my living room while watching nighttime news channels because I live life on the edge like that.
I added a thin wire through two holes I drilled and ribbon.  ...because a bow makes everything better, just ask my goddaughter-it's a motto she's had to apply since birth regardless of her best efforts to yank it out.  She has nothing to do with this watermelon project...but I like her, and so just like the bow...she makes every post better.

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