Fabric Flower

Thursday, September 05, 2013
 I made these flowers for an apron I'll share soon.  The colors go with the apron/Christmas.  I was inspired by a bag and my plan is to make some of those bags next, but first....
I grabbed three different colors of fabric and felt...and pins if you want these to be removable.  For the button middles you could use buttons, or I bought these little metal things at the craft store and followed the directions on the back of the box.
 For the petals I cut out two different sized circles.  Here is a really professional free template of those two size circles (oh, if only there was a sarcasm font).  I cut out four of each size and then a little round circle from the felt.
 I folded each circle into fourths and then sewed all the points to the felt.
 I staggered the middle to overlap the middles and then sewed on the button.
 I wanted the gals I made the aprons for to be able to remove the flower for washing, so I added a pin.  I used a little rectangle of of felt and one of these flat pins (from the craft store).  I hot glued it down.
 Like this...
 I made five of these to adorn five aprons....
 ...but I did it b/c I bought this cute little bag.  It had a little flower like this on the side, and then a double ruffle down the side edge.  The edges of the fabric were left raw.  I want to make some of these for gift bags this year.
 Here's a close up.  The bags are just the canvas bags you can buy in three packs for about 5 dollars.  This lady cut a little wedge in the middle of each flower.  I've been using my bag to carry small craft projects to my friend's out this summer.  It's always good to craft in style.

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