Tissue Paper Faux Pumpkins

Wednesday, October 23, 2013
I found some faux pumpkins at the dollar store.  They weren't very cute, but I had to get them...for a buck-all I needed was the shape.
 I was hunting down different ways to cover it with...something.  I found this tutorial using tissue paper I really liked on Smith's blog.  I found the leopard print tissue paper at Hobby Lobby, but there are all sorts of fun designs.  I've seen the same tutorial using wrapping paper and fabric.  I changed it up just a tad, but the idea is the same.
It only took one piece of tissue paper to cover my pumpkin.  I did two layers, only because you could see the orange under neath.  You could add a quick coat of brown spray paint to the pumpkin (or whatever color matches your tissue) to eliminate the second coat.  You can either use mod podge to stick on your layers, or I just used about 1 T. of elmers glue mixed with 1/2 c. water to create a paste.  I tore up my tissue paper, drug it through the glue and then slapped it on the pumpkin-it's like making a pinata.
When you are finished, you can seal it by painting an entire layer of mod podge over the whole thing, but I only have glossy, and I would rather have a matted finish or no finish.  I also painted glue over the step and sprinkled that with glitter as well.  

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