Cookie Exchange Kit

Friday, November 22, 2013
 I decided last year that this year I was going to have friends over for a cookie decorating/exchange party.  I do this on a large scale at work, but I wanted to do this on  a small scale.  I'll post  more about it after the fact, but these are the 'kits' I've put together for each guest.  I wanted to keep it small b/c my kitchen is a galley, and there is only so much baking I can do.  I found the cookie tins at Hobby Lobby and went from there.  I put all the goodies in the tin, and I'll be adding a cute ribbon and this will second as my pals' Christmas gifts as well.
For the innards...
I made these aprons over the summer.  I wanted them to match the tins.  I went back and fourth with monogramming, but since I wasn't sure who all might enjoy coming....I decided to keep it more basic.  Here is the tutorial for putting these aprons together.  
 I found these cookie cutters (also at Hobby Lobby)...
 I also bought these little spatulas for smoothing icing (found them online, but have since seen these at super centers).
 I printed off free recipe cards, made these little clips, but I also attached recipe cards I made with the sugar cookie/icing recipe I used for the exchange.
 I found these tea towels at Sure la Table.  They have recipes for gingerbread.  I was going to make pot holders, but....found and fell in love with these instead.
 Everything fit snuggling into the tins that will double as a way to carry home the cookies we exchange/decorate.

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ShanaM said...

This is a great idea! Love all the stuff. Wish I lived close to you!!