Gingerbread Men Cinnamon Soap

Friday, November 29, 2013
 Last Christmas I had a whole list of things I was going to make each person for Christmas.....right up until I found this little silicon Gingerbread man tray at Hobby Lobby.  I stumbled across soap using this same pan on Etsy and all those other ideas went out the window....where they sat until this year.  BUT.....last year was the year of cinnamon soaps.  I grabbed some soap squares at the craft stores as well. 
 I used dye (also found in the same section, though you can use regular food dye.  I've never had any problems with this dying my hands, but if you want to be double triple sure, use the dye found in the soap section).  I also used a cinnamon scent.  Again, I used about 1/8 of a teaspoon per 6 men (about 9 of the squares of soaps melted).  I just used cinnamon flavoring from the kitchen supply spice section, but they also sell scents in the soap aisle of craft stores. 
 I followed the instructions to melt down the soap and added the scent and coloring and then poured it into the molds.  It only takes about ten minutes to harden.  I like using the silicon, as opposed to metal because it is much easier to pop out and keep it's form. 
 I bought a little tray at the dollar store to give to one of my friends with a herd of grand kiddos.  I thought this would be fun for them when they come to visit their Grandmother at Christmas. 
 I also packaged these (wrapped in Saran with a little dot on the back with what they were) with mints for the administrative assistants at work. 
 ...and a few more individual for coworkers. 
...and now, I'm off to make all those things I was going to make last year until I became a one-woman- gingerbread-man-cinnamon-soap-factory-making machine....

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