Good Morning, Texas Thanksgiving Table Ideas

Tuesday, November 19, 2013
Today I'm bringing a couple of ideas for some easy table setting ideas for Thanksgiving.  I'm sharing two ideas for the 'adult table' and 2 ideas for the 'kids table'....assuming you segregate in that sort of way.  To be honest-at my house, I'm a lot more likely to play with the crayons than the adult activities.  I'll post the video later on my facebook page to today's show, and you can find other Thanksgiving ideas on my pinterest page here.
I blogged the steps to the place mats here.
I'm also sharing some super easy and affordable fillers for candles.  I posted this simple tutorial yesterday.
For the kid's table I'm sharing this Turkey Crayon cup...the link includes a free coloring page.  Nothing fancy, but did I

And last....Mayflower Muffins.  As if you need incentive to eat a muffin, right?  BUT placecards are always good....had my brother and I been sitting too close to each other once upon a time, we would have been stabbing each other with forks and spent the rest of the day in the kids in your life that were once 'me' as far apart as possible is probably a smart idea.
I just took two strips of brown construction paper and cut each side down....
Write out a name and cut out the shape of a sail.  Tape it to a small dowel.

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