Travel Advice Needed: Glacier and Calgary

Sunday, November 03, 2013
I posted a question a few years ago when I was traveling around the great lakes and I got the best advice on adorable towns to visit/places to eat'm trying it again.  I'm looking into going to Glacier NP this summer.  I have NO idea what to do/where I should stay/places to visit-other than the park, and stops  I absolutely should not miss in the national park?  I think I'm going to try to fly into Calgary/Canada....any travel tips up around that part of Canada?  Restaurants?  Shops I 'must see'....awesome stops along the road?  Help-I like blogging help so much better than yelp help.
And while I'm at it-what's the coolest city/state/place/park you've visited?  Inquiring minds that love to travel...and have some airline miles to use up, would like to know!

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