Turkey: Finger Puppets for Thanksgiving

Friday, November 08, 2013
 I was trying to find something easy (and affordable) to mail this year to the kiddos in my life for Thanksgiving, and then I saw the idea for Thanksgiving finger puppets the Idea Room.  I cut out my pieces, and normally I would have used fabric glue...but my fabric glue was old, and so I sewed all the pieces together instead b/c it was too late to go to the craft store, and it was on my to do list to finish these...and the to do list wins out on any battle.  I'm pretty sure these will be well loved....though I'd like to see how things play out in the finger puppet world on Thanksgiving when it's time for the felt friends to serve up a meal...I may have to send along some cash for future therapy bills for some of the younger siblings receiving these puppets.

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Rita said...

Those are adorable!