Farewell 2013

Tuesday, December 31, 2013
I've been slowly putting Christmas away at my house.  Packing away the ornaments and lights. It was a lot more fun the other way around....when the potential memories still loomed ahead.  Each year (at some point) my family flies in and I watch these little ones grow and realize how much difference a year makes.  Where will we all be a year from now?  What will we be celebrating?  What heart aches will we have all worked through?  I want to freeze time.  I want to squeeze more memories and projects into each day.  I want to take more pictures before things change forever.  I know that change is good.  I know it's where we grow, but I just want to sit here for a moment in 2013.  I know how to handle today.  I can take what it's brought me, but I also know no matter what the next year ask of me-I'm ready.  I've never not sat at the end of the year with things to celebrate and things that have helped me grow.  I'm looking forward to the celebrations.  I'm prepared for a few challenges.  Happy 2014!  I'm praying it finds you reflecting and holding tight to the beauty you found in 2013 and looking forward to fun ahead in 2014.  I'll meet you back here next year-with a year full of memories you don't want to let go of because they were so amazing, and excitement packed in our mental bags for the year ahead.

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