New Year's Eve: Black-Eyed Pea Good Luck Gift

Thursday, December 26, 2013
 I saw this idea on Lori's blog more than a year ago and I LOVED it.  Last year I wanted to think of something different to give out to friends at work, and I took a leaf out of her craft book and put these little guys together for friends. 
It wouldn't be a new year without a can of black eyed peas. 
 And for the record-eating two peas makes it plural....and that's all I can down on January 1st.  These would be cute for favors for a New Year's Eve party, or in Lori's case, she brought these for her neighbors. 

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Lori said...

Thanks for the shout out Christy! I am going to make these again this year. Need to go buy the black-eyed peas now, before they sell out. Happy New Year, Lori