Penguin Pack

Wednesday, December 04, 2013
My goddaughter's mother loves penguins....thus-Micah has no choice.  Zero.  She will like these little creatures, or there will be therapy involved.  This year, for her birthday, I decided to go with the theme.
 I bought a book (of course) and then went a little crazy.  I made a tic tac to board with little wooden eggs (Mondays' post) and then a penguin shirt (yesterday's post) and then I let the store 'make' the rest of the penguin themed stuff.
 I found quite a bit in the dollar section of Michael's and Target as well, along with anything and everything penguin....she doesn't already own.  Incidentally-I'm predating this post and writing it on April 9th....almost 8 months before I'm mailing can bet it has grown since this time.....

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