DIY Snow Globe

Friday, January 17, 2014
I know it's a little early be talking St Pat's Day...but...on that note, it's a little late to be talking Christmas-unless, of course, you are already planning for next year.  In that case, let's be friends.  I put together some snow globes to share on GMT today via the Exec Producer's request.  :O)  I went a little bit crazy trying to find new and fun ways...and the only thing that limited the projects I brought was a lack of time, space in my car, but I may have found a new passion.  First up, the traditional globe.  The other two I'm sharing are Valentine's Day oriented, so I wanted something fun and spring-ee.  I've seen these water globes using trees from the doll house section of the craft stores, toys from the dollar bins in stores, but I found this little clover cookie cutter and coins and decided this would be fun with some gold glitter.  
For supplies, grab some distilled water at the store, glycerin (found near the cake decorating supplies-used to 'freshen' old food gels, or buy the skin care in drug stores), you can also use baby oil.  I also got some E6000 glue-gorilla glue would work as well, or even hot glue.  I just really wanted to make sure it was stuck for life.  You want to make sure the objects you put in your globe don't have paint that will chip off because it will color the water-so plastics etc work best.  
I used the E6000 to glue down my cookie cuter and a few coins at the bottom of my tray.  I actually have the cookie cutter glued to a bottle cap to make it stick up over the lid, and I used the coins to over up the cap.  I let it dry for several hours before moving on to step two.  
 I added about a Tablespoon of glitter, a teaspoon of glycerin (don't add to much or it will make it murky, but you probably do want to add it b/c it helps the glitter float more slowly to the base) and then top with distilled water.  Close off your jar, shake and enjoy.  One tip, I would prefer recycled jars like mayo and pickles b/c the seal seems to be made for liquids.  If you have to use a jar that doesn't have a strong seal, run some hot glue around the edge to help the seal.
A few other projects I'll be sharing are these waterless globes.  I blogged about those earlier this week...
...and edible snowglobes.

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Erin said...

Oh my heck! I totally want to make these!!!! Does the cookie cutter rust sitting in the water? And where the heck do you buy glycerin? I can't wait to make these with my kids!!!!

Christy said...

I wondered the same thing bc some of those metal ones rust right away. It's been in there about 2 weeks (it's one of those painted ones from Michael's) and so far it looks great. The distilled water is supposed to help with that. Just make sure you don't use any plastic etc that will stain the water-you will know pretty quickly. Glycerine is sold near the cake decorating stuff in the craft store (you can add it to older food dye to revive it), BUT it's also found near the face creams etc in any drug store-it's a soap product. Make sure your jars or the kind that have a seal (think canning jars etc) so they seal well or they will leak. I found this one quickly and put a rubber glove over the bottom to seal it, but over time it will lose water unless you can seal it like you do jam. Hope that helps! Can't wait to see what you all create!

Unknown said...

good ideas, you did it! Tac dung cua nam linh chi