Heart Pinatas

Friday, January 10, 2014
 I'm always trying to come up with fun ways to deliver 'junk' to my friend's kiddos.  I figure if I got 'stuff' with actual value they'd feel obligated to keep it-junk they can play with and displace without guilt...but...I still want it to be fun.  I saw the idea for using heart boxes and turning them into conversation heart pinatas last year at studio and I added it to my to do list for this year.  If the store Valentine's supplies are out at the store...I'm crafting....so....here is what I did with the 'rest' of my Christmas break.
I found the heart boxes at JoAnne's, but I've since seen various sizes at Michael's and Hobby Lobby.  You could make your own template and shape, but this saved me a bit of time.
Next stop was finding fillers.  I like raiding the bins at Party City for this....
 I taped some string inside to 'hang these.'
 I filled up my container with my goodies, and placed the lid on top.  I'm mailing a few, so those I taped, the ones I'm handing out I just glued the crepe paper on so it is easier to hope.  You can use strips of tissue, but I decided to go with the streamers so it had a little texture.  I folded mine in half, and then cut on the fold to create a ruffle.
 I glued it around the sides, and then on top and bottom.
 I used some stickers to create my 'conversation.'

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Unknown said...

What a fun idea. they are super cute. Love you to link this up if you have time on #FridayFrenzy for crafts and recipe link up party.