Waterless Snow Globe

Wednesday, January 15, 2014
 I'm working on some snow globe projects...and now I'm obsessed.  I made this little waterless snow globe.  You could do this for any season, but since Valetine's is around the corner....it seemed like a good plan.  All you need is a jar, foam (if your object isn't flat on the bottom), and twinkle flakes (glitter or confetti would work as well-I chose this b/c it clings a little to the side).
 I took a piece of foam and glued it to the top.  If you are using a flat bottomed object, just glue it directly to the base.
 I cut down this little plant pick (found this guy at Hobby Lobby for a buck-I usually wait for a sale-these go on 30-50 percent off almost every other week, but I was under a time crunch).
 I poured some of these twinkle flakes into the jar (about 1/8 cup) along with some little heart confetti I found.  I found this 80 percent off at Hobby Lobby near the Christmas stuff, but they also sell stuff like this near the tissue paper etc).
 I decided to wrap some twinkle grass around the foam since it was green.  They have all sorts of colors of this on sale right now near the Valentine's 'stuff' in the craft store.  I also added a foam glitter heart...
 I screwed the lid on and shook it up-the flakes sort of cling to cupid and the walls of the glass.
 I added a ribbon and another little heart around the base.  If I can hold something still for more than 21 seconds I think a ribbon makes everything better.