Good Morning, Texas-Dollar General Style

Monday, February 03, 2014
I'm headed to Good Morning, Texas this morning to share some thrifty crafts.  I'll post the video later to facebook.  I mention the dollar store a lot, so the Executive Producer decided it was time to do a little shopping demo.  I met Paige at the Dollar General (their pick-any dollar store will do-I didn't get anything for shopping there-just happened to be the store corporate approved).  We did a quick trip around the store with film crew in tow, and today I'm taking some of those purchases to the studio to do some crafting.  I posted about the above frame last week.  It cost me 2.20 to make.  
I made this little dino jar for about 25 cents (I already had the spray paint).  If you use an old jar-it's just the cost of the dino (10 centers).  The tutorial for that lives here.  
I made this little memo board using a cookie pan and it cost me less than 2.50.  I posted that tutorial last week.  I'd say the price is right.  
Last 'filler' craft....I always bring too much.  I don't want to be responsible for what I'd say if given some time to fill dead easy 'cupcake' treat.  


Unknown said...

I saw you on GMT. You are so talented!

Unknown said...

What glue did you use to glue down the paper?