Vintage Typewriter Canvas Art

Friday, April 25, 2014
 I went to Canton with my pal, Kelly a few months ago and we saw this little vintage type writer on a canvas.  The price tag read about 20 bucks, but for about 3 dollars I went home and made my own.
I got some beige fabric for an aged look, card stock, canvas (I went with 8x10), tape,  stapler, and adhesive spray.  I later added some furniture brads for the edge just for a fun look.
I used some adhesive spray to smooth the fabric and hold it in place as it through the peels right off when you are done.  I had cut the fabric a little large so it would wrap about the edge of my canvas.  I taped it down, but I didn't have any problems with it snagging as it ran through the printer (I'd always done exact size in the past).  
If you look at the one on the left....I was stingy with my adhesive, the one on the right I made sure to coat the whole paper....just an example of what not to do!!  FYI....I just googled 'vintage typewriter' and found one I liked then took a dictionary spelling.  I also google "free typewriter font"....I'm a google addict.  
 I then wrapped it around the canvas and stapled it to the back.
 I added furniture brads.
 Ta da!

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