"Rusting" Things

Tuesday, May 13, 2014
 I recently wanted to rust a few things.  I looked online for ideas and found a few, but they were pretty time intensive.  I had glittered up a skeleton key and figured the same strategy might work in this case.  I had seen several times that adding a little cinnamon can make things look rusty, so...
I took some bells for Christmas projects, and some skeleton keys I got for a buck at the hardward store.
I covered all of these with a layer of mod podge and then...
 After it was covered and the glue dried I sprayed it down with a layer of adhesive spray to hold the cinnamon in place.
 I love old rusty things, but for little projects...I like the price of 'rusting' new things a lot better than what some of those old finds can cost!

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Linda said...

How clever!!! I would never have thought of doing that! Looks real enough!