Good Morning, Texas-Graduation Crafts

Monday, June 09, 2014
I'm headed to GMT today to share some Graduation Craft ideas.  I tried to pick some that could cross over into some other party themes, or things you could do really quickly if your party is this year.  I posted about the mini graduation cap drink toppers Saturday.  These could double as cupcake toppers etc....etc....etc....They are super easy to throw together and free.
I also posted about the tassel banners.  I'm definitely rigging these up for some parties I have coming up in the not to distant future.  It was even easier that I thought.  Here is that tutorial.
Last up, I'm sharing one of my favorite graduation gifts-the t-shirt quilt.  This one is for the beginner sewer, or the sewer that never plans to go beyond the basics (me!).  Here is that super simple tutorial.

I made this one for my friend's daughter with all her soccer jerseys.  I had another friend who made one with all her goddaughter's first year outfits (well, the special ones at least), and I've got a pile of high school and college graduation shirts (vintage at this point) that I'll never wear, but want to remember, so....this demo will get me moving forward on my own project!  I'll post the link later to facebook to today's segment.

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