Introducing: June

Sunday, June 29, 2014
My chapter with my dogs Lilly and Max ended in May, and I opened a new one May 31st.  I was planning on waiting until June....thus her name-June, but my chihuahua (Peanut) was in serious mourning, and the vet suggested going ahead with another dog b/c he's clearly a social guy.  Granted, he has been distracted from his mourning, mostly out of utter terror, but he does spend hours out from under the bed he sat under for 3 weeks to watch this little girl's antics.  I hope to get another rescue once this little dog settles down...which should be within the next 12 or 13 years, if I know labs.  I remember when I got Max as a puppy, I said my puppy days were over....I kind of remember why now.  Especially when you are talking about labs they are all mouth.  But when she's not learning what the world has to offer by sticking it in her mouth, she's taking puppy naps, exploring the 3,245 toys I've thrown around the house, following Peanut, carrying sticks....the bigger the better...though she hasn't managed to pick up the sticks (roots) out back she has her eye on since day one.  She's a pretty vocal girl (lots of whining), but she sure has brought a lot of happiness and joy into this world.  She's currently napping with her head on my foot...which means I'm sitting very still b/c nap time is kind of my favorite and...I don't want to wake her up b/c it means constant supervision or I'll be replacing my furniture a lot sooner than I thought.  Earlier she was following me around and I was pulling out some spray paint (ironic) and she ran off with one can fascinated by the shake.  And thus begins another era of puppy love and company while I craft...assuming she doesn't steal or eat all the supplies.

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Suzan Oxenreider said...

What a sweet pup! I do love labs. Even when they go through that "teen age" phase when they are all gangly and boisterous and defiant. They are gentle and sweet and protective and the best kissers!