Who Loves Carter? Baby Board Book

Wednesday, June 18, 2014
 I made a little board book 'o love for my godson, Carter's Valentine's gift.  I know you can buy scrapbooks via many websites, but I wanted something durable.  I've seen a few versions of books like this over the years, so it was time to create my own.  I started with a board book-originally a dollar-but I got it at a used book store, so...it was even cheaper.
I went back and forth with what to print my pictures on, but I finally just went with just printed it on regular computer paper.  I organized my photos, giving each family member a page-holding Carter.  I added some text to each photo in photoshop.  I figured the repeated pattern would make it easy for his older brother, Donovan, to 'read' it to him.  
I used some sticky vinyl for the spin (thought some fun duct tape would have worked too).  I then covered each page with a little sheet of clear contact paper-it worked even better than I thought, and makes it really durable.  
 ...and it's about time for me to ship this out to my little Valentine...

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