2 T. of Milk in an 'Emergency'

Thursday, July 10, 2014
 I rarely buy milk because...well, I rarely drink it...unless there is a box of Lucky Charms around.  When I do need milk, it's usually a tablespoon or two for icing.  I've frozen milk before in disposable containers, but then someone shared with me this idea for freezing it in ice cube trays.  First, I had to dust off my ice cube trays, but then I filled and froze them with some of the milk I bought that was about to 'go bad' (fine, for my Lucky Charms...I had the ratio wrong and had more milk that charms).  I started by 'measuring' it with T, but then quickly figured out 2 T. is pretty much the exact size of the cube.  This works so much better for me b/c the defrosting is so much easier, and in the past, one my whole container was defrosted I had to chunk the rest b/c I didn't think the freeze/thaw/freeze thing worked as well.  Bring on the Easy Mac and Icing Recipes-I'm ready for ya!


Suzan Oxenreider said...

What a great idea! It just occurred to me that I could do the same thing with coconut milk (because I always end up dumping away stuff that is going bad).

Lori said...

Hello! Why didn't I think of that! We are not big milk drinkers here either. Always, throwing the stuff out. Thanks Suzan, my coconut milk too. Chilled smoothies!