Last Minute 4th of July Wreath

Tuesday, July 01, 2014
 I made this last minute wreath at the request of someone.  They sent me a picture...I'm not sure what the original source was,'s an easy one.  I bought two packs of clothes pins (they were a dollar for a pack of 36, and it took me about 45 pins for the wreath).  I happened to have some bottles of spray paint, and so...I sprayed them.
I found some stars I also painted at Hobby Lobby and this wire wreath.  I glued the stars to the blue portion of my patriotic wreath, and then just pinned them to the circle.  I'm going to add a burlap blow....b/c burlap is an important part of any wreath.  You could paint a bunch of clothes pins and do this for almost any holiday....paint some orange and yellow and alternate them for a candy cane wreath, or red and white candy cane etc etc.  One wreath, a few dollars, a lot of potential.  Stay tuned, a few more last minute projects to come.

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Rita said...

What a cute wreath!