Dollar Store To Pewter Pumpkins

Tuesday, September 23, 2014
 I was hunting for some other supplies for 'another' craft at the dollar store and I saw some relatively ugly little glass offense.  But I thought-hey, I can jazz those up.  It was a time in my life I was obsessed with Looking Glass Spray...if it would stand still-I sprayed was a dark time in my life now that I reflect back on it...get it?  Reflect?  Ha ha. was just sitting there waiting for me.  Anyway....I'm still obsessed with it, but here is another thing I did with my addiction.  I sprayed down some of those pumpkins so I had a pewter look.
If you want your item to be more 'reflective' than pewter, spray it with a metal colored spray first, or you can also make some mercury glass looking pumpkins using this tutorial-white spray first and some water drops.  I'm adding some crystal sprays to this little get up.

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