Rag Garland

Friday, September 12, 2014
 I made this rag wreath for an upcoming baby shower...I had a left over pink sheet from another project and I cut it into 8 inch pieces using my pinking sheers.  I ended up going and buy 1/3 yard of 4 different fabrics and doing the same.
 Don't be fooled by my helpers peaceful nap....it probably lasted all of .2 seconds before she was running around the house with 14 pieces of fabric in her mouth, but....hey, look, it's my puppy whose not quite much of a puppy after a summer of growing.  Anyway...for the wreath...
I took some clothes lines and I literally just tied all the fabric onto the line.
I'm actually helping to host two showers for this friend and I think this is going to make an appearance at both!  Cowgirl and Ballet...and I'm sure plenty more after that.

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