Witch's Brew and a Blinged Out Tutorial Too

Tuesday, September 30, 2014
 Last year as I was gathering ideas to do for my secret sister at work, I saw a picture where someone rewrapped soda bottles and renamed it witch's brew.  Here is the original link.  I used a free graphic from graphic fairy for the circled and typed up the brand and created my own label.  You can print that free from this link.  I used an ink pad to ink the edges.  I wanted a sparklie doodad, but I couldn't find any I liked.  I'm sure this has been done a million times, but I decided to create one using a black bat ring.  This is my easy steps.  You could leave it black, but I had silver paint, so I gave it a quick spray.
 Then I covered the top with modpodge...
 ...and I glittered it down with glitter.  If you want to prevent the glitter from flaking, when it dries, paint it again with another coat of mod podge and it will dry clear.

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