Spooky 2x4 Projects

Friday, October 17, 2014
 I bought a 2x4 in August...and much like Pinocchio's nose...I'm pretty sure it keeps growing b/c four projects later...I've still got wood to use.  It was money well spent.  I posted about the 2x4 cats and 2x4 pumpkins over the last few weeks.  The ghost round out this group.
To make the ghost I still cut them all different sizes and then chopped off each side  I painted them white and used a dabber to make the eyes.  I sanded the edges again so they would match their friends.  It would have been fun to glitter them up or even use glow in the dark paint, but....I wanted this particular set to look like their family.  I'm mixing and matching these so it's a three pack of spooky friends.  I don't do too much with wood, but if you are starting out-the only tools I've needed are a jig saw, piece of sanding paper, and a cheap drill.  2x4 is a little tougher to cut b/c it's so thick, but I decided to use this because it sits up better.

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