Glitter Mug

Friday, December 05, 2014
 I went to GMT today with things that glittered.  I shared glittered champagne, silver nutcrackers, and this diy glitter mug.  The third craft is usually my filler b/c there is nothing scarier that filling dead air, so...I had to rush this one a bit.  It's a super simple diy project though.  I originally saw one here and was fascinated by the fact that it's dishwasher safe.  I found white mugs at Walmart for 88 cents.  The only other thing you need is glitter (I really like the finer glitter), and decoupage paint and SEALER (I got the glossy seal).  I'm sure they have multiple brands, but I found some at Michael's in the Martha Stewart section and used a coupon.
 Tape off the bottom portion of your mug (including the handle) with painters tape.  Brush on decoupage glue and then sprinkle it.  After it dries, go back and paint over your glitter with more decoupage glue (about 24 hours later).  I actually did this several times (and waited a day between each painting-if you have the luxory of time, do that)-this is the process that makes the glitter adhere so your mug can be washed.  If you can wait 10+ days before you wash it, that's even better
Peel off your tape, fill your mug, go. make friends happy

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