Plastic Bag Wreath

Tuesday, December 30, 2014
 I was tasked with putting together some 'snow' themed projects for an upcoming Good Morning, Texas.  Here is number one.  I actually saw a wreath like this at my friend's house.  She said she saw it online somewhere.  She used a wire hanger she had pulled down into the shape of a circle.  I googled it and found a board with a wreath like this AND a bunch of other things to do with plastic bags.  You can cut and use grocery store bags, a large laundry bags, or....I bought a box of 150 bags for a buck at Walmart (the non sealing kind).  Instead of a hanger, I also found a wreath frame for a dollar at the Dollar Tree.
I squished the bags (I put the open flap on the inside so it was a little shorter this way, but much more even-I tried it both ways and found this looked the best).  Then I just went around tying knots.  I only tied knots on the inside three rings-I didn't need it as fluffy as four rings for the place it's going to live.  It took me about 30 minutes, but it's pretty brainless, goes faster the longer you work, and you can catch up on random TV marathons like Finding Bigfoot or American Pickers.    Not too shabby for 2 dollars....and now....bring on the snow-my wreath is ready for 'ya ol' man winter.

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