Snowman Jar

Friday, December 12, 2014
Sometimes you need a cheater Christmas gift.  Every year I've got a list of things I plan to put together for people....and then November comes....and December slips in and it's time to give out gives and I'm all out of time to make those gifts.  I cheated and made this little jar, which I saw here a few years ago.  The innards are white pretzels...which brings up my cheating-I bought them. I found them for a few bucks at the store already dipped and thought-you know....I'm pretty sure mine aren't going to taste 'better', they will just take more time, so I bought them.  I think packaging pre-made food in a cute jar makes it OK.  I have drizzled them with an alternative color of chocolate before to make them a little more gourmet, but....this year....I'm leaving them snowy white.  I also made some tags I'm attaching to these little guys.  You can download those here.  I took some scraps of fabric and tied them around the lids of my jars and fringed the edge.  I glued three buttons down the jar and ta da-frosty's belly is filled and one or three more gifts are knocked off my list.

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