Bathroom Update

Friday, January 02, 2015
 12 years ago, when I moved into my house, I was going to do redo this bathroom....soon.  I hung a few dried flowers on the wall to hold the place of the future improvements...and then....I promptly decided I didn't really care that much about my bathroom.
 Recently, my brother, the nomad, moved in for a bit as he transitioned back into the area, and he took over the guest room, which housed some antiques I did care about.  He didn't appreciate them, which normally, I'd ignore, but I decided if I could find a home for them, I could then turn my guest room into a craft room.  I craft every day.  I have guest about once a month.
I'm still working, but here are a few additions.  In another twelve years....I might add something to balance out the left side.
 The mirror is from my great grandparents house.  I found a drawer at an antique mall and hung one of the two pictures that hung in my mom's room growing up.  I have a think against silk flowers, but I like dried flowers, in particular, lavender.
Here is picture number dos.  I also found this make up tray at an antique store that I used to layer it.  
Here is the other wall....I'm going through a layered picture frame phase.  The vanity was this gold mirror when I moved in, and I was going to replace the lights asap...but...if I did everything I wanted to do, what would I do?  
I have no idea what was going on with the towels here, don't be disturbed, I've since changed them.  

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