Carrot Cake Balls

Friday, March 27, 2015
 I put some of these together last year for Easter gifts.  I gifted these cake balls in egg cartons of all shapes and sizes-depending on the sizes of the group.
 I wrapped each up and added these tags I made-I was inspired by a sight in a craft store I saw.
 Here is a free printable of the tag.
 To make the cake balls, just use your favorite carrot cake recipe and cream cheese frosting.  As soon as you bake the cake, stir it up with a fork, add the icing and stir together.  Place your mix of cake and icing in the freezer for a few hours.  Pull it out, roll it into balls.  Again, you can freeze these for up to a few months.  When you are reading, melt some chocolate and dip your frozen cake balls in chocolate.  Let it dry on wax paper.
 It hardens quickly b/c the cake ball is frozen.  I added some chocolates to the mix.
I bought some royal icing carrots at a local cake shop, but you could pipe your own with royal icing.

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Kelley said...

Easy besides adorable. Very cute... and yummy.

Happy weekend,