Let's Go Fly a Kite

Monday, April 13, 2015
 On Good Morning, Texas I'll be sharing a 'how to' on kites.  I'll post the video later on facebook.   My goal was to use the cheapest supplies I could find.  You could use a garbage bag or butcher paper to put together these kites, but I splurged and bought a table cloth for a dollar....which makes 6+ kites.
 I glued together two sticks together.  I found some thin sticks for less than a buck at the craft store.
 The glue was just to hold them in place.  I went back over the center with some string to hold it tightly.
I then took the same string and wrapped it around each arm.  I taped it to the sticks to hold it's shape.  
I measured out the plastic tablecloth so it was about 11/2 inch extra around each side.  
 I taped it down. I also added two piece of tape in the middle on the back...
...and front.  
I punched a hole and strung another string through this, tied it off, leaving it a little loose.  This is what I attached the kite string too.  
I added a string with a tail.  I used some ribbon.  This helps weight down the bottom so that it's heavier on the bottom and can catch some wind.  
 I also made some mini kites that I dangled from dowel rods and covered in some vintage looking fabric.

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