Flamingo Cards

Monday, May 04, 2015
 Lately, I've been obsessed with flamingos.  Not to be confused with my unicorn obsession.  On another note, my Mom has also started scrapbooking, which is really exciting for me b/c that means that any vacation we go on together.....she will now scrapbook, which leaves more time for me to think about flamingos.  It's also nice to share a hobby with her.  Growing up I remember she sewed and painted and did all kinds of little crafts.  I think I wore her out about the time I turned 10....and so she stopped doing anything other than surviving motherhood until about a year ago.  We've been traveling to scrapbook shows together (something I've never done) and I found this little flamingo stamp/saying at one of those shows last winter.  I decided to use it to make a few birthday cards.
Nothing fancy, but it was a fun way to use up some scraps....and now....I have two fewer cards to purchase at the store.  On the first card-I used some blank white cards and glued down scrapbook paper, on this second card, with the stripes, I used a card from a big pack I got for five bucks at Hobby Lobby.  My stamping skills are primitive compared to the rest of the world, but....I guess this post is just really to say-I was an exhausting child...and my Mom somehow survived to live and tell the stories....and find some hobbies again now that I'm a fully functioning (and even graying) adult...hobbies we can enjoy together.  There is hope if your child is difficult.  And....there are also some pretty cute flamingo stamps available if you want to make your own cards.  The two really don't have much to do with anything...but....it's my blog and I don't have to have a clear reason for posting.

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