Monday, May 11, 2015

Graduation Words of Wisdom

 I made these last year for a pal who was hosting a graduation party for her nephew.  The idea was totally hers, I just brought it to fruition.  She was having the graduation celebration at a pasta restaurant and she wanted to give each guest a jar of pasta.  She wanted different pastas, and she wanted each one to have a quote they could read to the graduate.
 I found a bunch of different pastas (repeated some), and a bunch of quotes and words of wisdom.  I found the free tag printable online.  Here are all the quotes/tags I used.  I put each persons name on the tag to mark their place at the the link is just for ideas.
I filled mason jars and put some clothe I found on top that I cut with pinking sheers.  I attached the tag with raffia.  I got a larger jar for the graduate.  Each person read their quote at dinner, added a personal message on the back and then gave them to him.  For the table, she used real basil plants she got at Trader Joe's to line down the center.  I thought it was a super cute idea and would be good for a bon voyage or rehearsal dinner, so...sharing just because.  :O)