Mini Brazil Scrapbook Album

Friday, July 31, 2015
 This was my 5th summer to go on a mission trip to Brazil.  The first few years I added photos to an 8x8 album, last year I made this little album out of a box, and this year I decided to make one of these flip card albums.
I found this premade flip card at Michael's on clearance.  I bought a few of them for an upcoming shower I'm going to help host, and I was going to use one to make the bride an album after the shower (a new 'thing' I've been doing since I feel like so few people print pictures now).  
 I threw this together quickly.  I grabbed a bunch of stickers in the same pastel colors and I cut the pictures down to fit the page.
 I took a small selection of photos from each event.
 I didn't do too much journaling b/c I added a letter at the end I wrote to people who had helped sponsor this mission trip, and in that I explained what we did.
 I didn't add too many doodads so it wouldn't be too thick, but I could resist a few buttons and flowers.
 I made a pock on the very last page and slipped the letter inside.
 I literally used scraps...scrap paper, scrap ribbon etc and it was definitely a cheap way to go.  Not to mentioned-significantly less time was put into the album.

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Msheepers said...

Awesome! That's a really neat way to provide an overview of the trip.