Thanksgiving Cards

Tuesday, July 14, 2015
 This year my goal is to make my own greeting cards.  I'm posting them out of order b/c I like to mix things up.  Or...because I'm clearing off my camera and these were the last photos I took...whatever.  I'm keeping it simple.  I have to make at least three different cards for each holiday b/c one of my friends I send cards to has three little boys.  Here are two of the Thanksgiving cards I put together.
 I used some stamps I bought at Hobby Lobby when they were half off.  I know there is a whole world of stamp coloring I haven't entered into, but...for now---quick was the key.  I also used some of the chevron washi tape I found at JoAnne's (I found some later on sale at Tuesday Morning) and some paper pieces.
 I also made this pumpkin pie card.  I stamped the outside of the envelope with the same stamp from the above card.
I used a circle punch and a scalloped circle punch to make my pie. (I saw the idea to do that here)  I'll probably make a few more of these and add some more dazzle, but for now....quick and easy was the goal and I reached that goal.  Next up....Christmas cards.

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