Easy Eyeball Halloween Card

Thursday, September 17, 2015
 This year I was determined to make all the cards I send by hand.  NOT because it's cheaper, but....it somehow felt more thoughtful....right up until life hit.  BUT....luckily I worked ahead this summer, so I've made enough for 2 of the 6 major holidays when I send out cards.  I have one friend with three little boys, so I have to make at least three different cards.  I've posted a few but here's another easy one.
 I bought this little pack of eye balls.  It makes two cards.  Hobby Lobby has them on sale about every other week.  So...half off makes it affordable.  I used a little 'pokey' thing I've had forever to punch holes into the card.  I don't know what it is officially called, but....I use it all the time.  I bought in near the scrapbook section at a craft store.
I printed off a little message and mounted it on some bright paper inside.  The one thing I've learned about brads and the mail is it's usually a good idea to place another piece of thick paper over the brads as they mail or the sorting machine may punch holes in the envelope.  Just a little PSA.

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