Friday, September 25, 2015

Primitive Fall Wreath

 This summer I went to a quilting retreat.  In a very uncharacteristic move...I didn't bring too many projects...which meant I have time...and some stuffing to fill that time with.  I started googling ideas for primitive Halloween projects.  It's currently my obsession.  I saw a wreath like this on etsy...and so I put together a few characters.
 Here is a free link to the crow pattern.  There are a lot of things I'm pretty mediocre at, but when it comes to free form's a weird skill I excel at....I drew a pattern of this bird before I sewed him together.  I added a button eye and a scrap for his scarf...b/c crows wear scarves.  You could also paint his beak, but....I didn't have my paints, and I didn't have my motivation when I got home!  I used some primitive-ish looking fabric I got at JoAnne's.
 I cut rough circles out of brown fabric, stitch a loose stitch along the edge and then pulled it shut after adding stuffing.  I cut two more circles with yellow and fringed the edge and then glued it to the back.
For the pumpkin I cut out a rectangle, sewed three sides, stuffed, and then put a stick in the middle and gathered the top.  I wired on some Spanish moss to a grapevine wreath and then glued these guys down and added a bow.