Friday, January 08, 2016

Decorating with Drawers

 It turns out I'm obsessed with drawers.  I actually have more than these, are just a few around the home.  I took these photos in December,'ll see a few Christmas pieces.  I don't know why I love old drawers, maybe b/c they had a life before, they tell a story, but now....I repurpose them, and they are so much more interesting than a new crate or basket.  I have one that houses old recipe books.
 I keep this old drawer that used to hold nails etc at a home improvement store and put whatever seasonal plates/napkins go with the upcoming holiday.
 I have an old sewing drawer than holds some circus glasses I bought at an antique store once upon a time.
 This little red square draw is where I throw coasters and remotes in my living room.
 I bought some (more) old sewing drawers to hold some odds and ends around the house.  The bottoms were missing/or falling apart, but....they make the perfect little wall shelve and I love that they aren't from the same sewing table.  I bought them for five bucks.
 This old drawer has the same purpose in one of my bathrooms.  It's half useful, half decorative.
This old hardware drawer is where I stick 7000 lotions and some devotionals in my bedroom.
I've got some more I'm storing some crafting supplies in, but....I'll save those for another post.


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