College Quilt in the Works

Thursday, February 25, 2016
 I recently cleaned out my closet and discovered I never need to buy another college shirt ever.  I decided to take some of the ones from my college years and turn them into a quilt since they had some meaning.  Of course, after I was finished, I found more, but....I guess there will be another project someday.  Anyway.  I found a pre-sized quilting square....
I took all those old shirts and went ahead and cut out squares.  (I'll eventually do it with my work shirts-which are in this picture).  I then just used a bunch of different yellows and greens I cut into 2 inch strips (Sic' Em!) to frame each square, and then the gals at the retreat convinced me to add a darker green to frame those and I ended up loving the look.  Nothing fancy, but I just didn't want to get rid of my 'memories', but I also didn't want to keep stacks of shirts.    I'm going to find someone to quilt this (I think) with some college slogans etc from my alma mater.  I'll post the finished project later.

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